CCTV Drains Surveys

CCTV cameras are incredibly useful for Drain Inspections and CCTV Drain Surveys, being able to get into the deepest parts of the drain – including those that are too difficult or dangerous to penetrate. Our CCTV drain survey units are well equipped with the latest surveillance technology, including video and CD recorders and TV monitors. This provides us with an excellent non-destructive drain survey so our Drain Cleaning and Drain Repairs teams can work more effectively.

CCTV Surveys are ideal for drain inspection for diameters from 100mm to 300mm, and are flexible enough to get to the bottom of pipe problems such as hidden leaks, cracks and sinking that can be hidden behind tight and inaccessible bends.

This makes CCTV drain surveys one of the most effective solutions for quickly and effectively finding and diagnosing any drain problems before drainage repair or replacement is necessary. Once we have completed any drain surveys, we will supply you with a report and video covering your drains and what we have found during the drain inspection. This is a superb service to utilise in a Domestic Drainage situation such as before purchasing a new house.

Dial-a-Rod Derby Ltd are located in Derby meaning we are ideally situated to attend to any drainage emergencies. For more information or to schedule a CCTV Drain Survey, contact our team today.